Buy Propane: Keep Full-vs-Will Call

Propane is a dependable reliable source of warmth and security providing customers all over the world with a very flexible energy.

Firstly, running empty with your propane cylinder no matter what the size is a safety issue. In the event a delivery driver or filling station attendant comes upon an empty cylinder to re-fill, it must first be assumed that there is a leak. So, a thorough inspection under these circumstances is required and the gas company is required by law to determine what is leaking before returning the system to service. This is accomplished by providing a pressure test by a certified technician. This test for home delivery costs approxiametly $100 and is truly priceless.

Safest and easiest is to let the professionals at the gas company provide you with a Keep Full Service. Due to the complications associated with running out of gas, leaving the gas company responsible to maintain your energy needs puts you in a positive position with regards to negotiating strong price controls. Propane Delivery is a bulk route business, Gas companies prefer those customers that want on time service which allows reduced cost for the gas company and a savings that is passed on to the customers. Trust is a major consideration regarding delivery and service, an excellent dealer will work hard to satisfy your needs. No customer service personel at the local branch wants to talk to customers on the day the customer has had a cold shower or no meal.

Some people like to call first and check price before delivery. This is called a Will Call Customer. Usually no benefit is given to the consumer for quantity of purchase. Dealers often look forward to forcasting their future demands of gas by estimating the quantity of gas they will need for their customer base. The Dealers actually get punished if they purchase too little or too much of their yearly allocations. Some benefits can be realized if price is your entire motivater. Remember it’s relative to the level of service you anticipate in acheiving. Most dealers are happy to provide you with excellent service and pricing. Be prepared to go through the process of ordering a delivery and waiting 3-7 days. Out of Gas and off route deliverys can cost upwards of $150 dollars not to mention the additional costs of dining out and cold showers:)

1.Gas Company owned-Best Price-Keep Full

2 Customer owned- keep full- Best Price

3.Gas Company owned-Will Call

4. Customer owned-Will Call

By all Means meet the manager and staff. Befriending the local gas company branch can keep you comfortable. Remember they are the experts and they want to keep you coming back. Todays consumers are at a huge advantage to get a lot of service and knowledge before their purchases and it is priceless to get a loyal following of staff caring about you, your home and its propane distribution system.